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                                                                                                                                                      global warming argument

The number one thing that is stopping anyone from doing anything about global warming is the great global warming argument

Most scientists and most people on the overpopulated planet say global warming is real. But we have this great global warming argument

that says, ‘What causes global warming?’ There are two fractions in the argument, those who follow Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truthand those who follow the UK video The Great Global Warming Swindle.’ 

They say Al Gore has not been overly truthful with his interpretation of the history of global warming. 

And they bring out a different theory, which basically states that global warming is primarily caused by the sun and not rising CO2 levels as Al suggests. So with these two camps trying all out to debunk the other we have ended up with the great global warming argument

And now global warming is not the media’s favorite anymore. 

So the overpopulated planet gets warmer and more ice melts and we are doing nothing to try and stop it. The Great Global Warming Swindle says we can’t stop it while Al says we can. I think Al is missing the point completely as he keeps going on about human activities causing the increases in CO2 levels therefore a catalyst for global warming. But in his video he did show the graph of the population increases since we left the cave. A start anyway!

If human activities are causing global warming then why don’t we do something about limiting the population then there would be less people on the overpopulated planet. With less people there would be less human activities resulting in lower global warming, but that is too complicated. I think it is every family for itself and you can’t rely on the politicians to get us out of this mess, so start planning for the future survival of your family. 

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