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                                                                                              global warming and peak oil

Which is worse – Global Warming or Peak Oil – take your pick

This global warming thing is very serious. It is one of the most serious things that is affecting the planet, but not in ways you would imagine. It doesn’t really matter if global warming is caused by mankind burning fossil fuels or the sun or whatever, depending on whatever camp you belong to. 

At present it is the dominant concern about the future of humanity. 

But there are a number of more serious concerns that will affect your children and you in the not too distant future and global warming is not one of them. Yet it gets the lion’s share of all the scientific funding, most of the media attention, nearly all politicians agree with it and most activists are marching against it. 


I’ve seen documentaries that basically state the world’s average mean temperature will be 5 degrees Celsius hotter in the year 2030. And I’m left wondering if some semblance of civilization will still exist in the year 2030. I think a large number of multinational companies are behind global warming as it gives the media and the activists something else to pursue. 


Global Warming is a smokescreen as most things we should be concerned about are hidden behind it. And we are going to get a big shock in the not to distant future, like 2010, when we realize we have been chasing the wrong concern and the world is running out of oil.

Peak oil is a very serious concern, as our whole civilization has to have oil to survive. When the oil starts to go we will have to rearrange everything we do. Cities will have lots of trouble trying to survive with out oil.


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