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For your lifeboat check out this large section in the Australian outback

"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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How to make an online CV using free software

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Go To China To Teach English, Learn Chinese And Have A Great Time

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                                                                                                                                           future survival

The future doesn't look so bright so what do we do to survive it.

     To survive the future we have to look at what is not going to survive and live accordingly. Most futurists and historians seem to think that the huge metropolises we have created are not

sustainable. Cities have been a part of mankind's existence but the planet is littered with the remains of cities that have not survived. But in other places cities have been occupied for up

to 5000 years and beyond. But some of these cities have had very turbulent pasts so maybe in times of crisis and collapse big cities are not the places to be. 

Without oil big cities would just implode. 

     There is no way they can survive. If the Saudi Oilfields collapsed tomorrow the cities would be very terrible places to live. The best thing you could do is just get out, but where would you go. Hopefully you would know somebody living in the countryside or in a small town. 

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     To prepare for the future you need to have a small village or town in the countryside a long way away from any big city, that you can go too. With the collapse of the real estate market you should be able to pick up an old house and a couple of acres pretty cheap.


If you can get somebody to live in it so much the better. 

     Now with unemployment on the rise your parents or some of your relatives could go there. The ideal place would be near a river but not on the flood plain because as global warming clicks in severe floods could become more common. You would need energy so near a forest is ideal and preferable in a place where the winters are not overly severe. 

     The most important part is community. 

     You have to work together with others so make sure the little town or village is a friendly type of place where people do their fair share. Nowadays it seems there is a class of society that live off the government, these people are takers so make sure there are not too many people like that in your small village.

     For more information about how to survive the future see our blog and our resources below                                                                                                               

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