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                                                                                                                                                    Fat Cat Dog Toys

If you are into the humorous side of dog toys check out the Fat Cat Dog Toys

For some unique and unusual dog toys see what the Fat Cat has to offer. Most of their toys are plush or canvas with rope so they are pretty sturdy. Also they have a special toy range for toy dogs. The Magnificent Twirling Catateenies are made

especially for your toy dog as these are only 5 inches tall with a squeaker and they will have your little dog chasing them all over the floor. These are like spinning tops so spin around and your dog goes wild trying to stop them. 

Then comes the Mini Rings from the Down on the Farm series. These really tough little fliers are just under 7 inches round and they are built tough: heavy-duty canvas with thick rope and reinforced with triple-stitched seams. Lets see your little pet rip one of these to shreds. The come in 3 real neat designs: Flail-A-Fowl, Hurtle-A-Heifer, Wham-A-Ham. They also come in a bigger size for the larger dog in your life, 9 and a half inches round and as tough as the toy dog toys. 

For the humorous side of doggie ownership they have come out with three 9 inch Political Animal Dog Toys, including Bush, Hilary and Arnold so take your pick. Another toy that is a bit unusual is the Crackler Doggy Activation Toy, when your dog bites into these they crackle away. Many different designs to choose from, all made from tough canvas with a squeaker and ranging tin size from 9 inches to 12 and a half.  

And then there is the Big Mean Series coming in at 15 inches tall and here you get the Big Mean Kitty. There are many other toys in this rather unusual range so check them out.

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