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"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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How to make an online CV using free software

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Go To China To Teach English, Learn Chinese And Have A Great Time

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    end of time                                                                               

How close are we to the End of Time

      After watching National Geographic and Discovery documentaries for a number of years I like to think I'm pretty clued up on what is happening in the world. And when it comes to global warming it seems we are heading for disaster. Looking back through history, you soon realize that vast complex civilizations that have dominated their big corner of the world, just crumble when the climate changes. 

Two of the biggest civilizations in history, the Pyramid builders from Egypt and Central America both collapsed into total chaos when the rains stopped. 

     There is archaeological evidence the Central America Pyramid builders first had time to move away from their big beautiful cities to other cities, but then they ran out of cities to go to. Now it is estimated only thousands live where millions used to live. They still haven't repopulated the area they used to live in. It is only now the jungle is giving up her secrets and the vast cities are being exposed.  

In the Nile valley they were not so lucky. 

     There was nowhere to go except into the desert so they moved into the larger cities and things went from bad to very bad, very fast. But out of the mess another civilization grew and now there are so many people living in the Nile valley, if the same thing happened again many millions would be affected.

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     Now I watch the documentaries about global warming and what we are doing about it. We are still argumenting about whether global warming is caused by activities of man of by nature. It doesn't matter what causes it, we should be looking at what we are doing about it. 

     And some of the weirdest and wackiest things to combat global warming have been blasted around the world in documentaries. Technology can only go so far. In most cases when a global warming event destroys a civilization the people are the ones who come off second best. So why don't we start to limit the global population then less people will be affected.

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