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                                                                                                                                             Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training is a must for any dog so you have a well-managed pet

There are a number of ways of dog obedience training. The two most popular are lease training and treat training, but before you start training, your dog must know where in the pack he is. 

As dogs in the wild are pack animals, that instinct is still with them today, so your pet looks up to you as the leader so you must be that role. There are a number of things are good leader must do and being Consistent is the most important. You must be Consistent with everything you do with your pet, or your pet will not know what to do and will not follow your lead because she doesn’t know what it is. 

This is followed closely by Respect. If you are Consistent in your commands and rewards so the dog knows what is expected he will Respect you. If the animal is confused you cannot expect Respect. Then comes Interaction, you must be Consistent in your praise and in your rebuttals. When your pet does what he is supposed to do, use praise all the time. Dogs respond to this. Also when the dog does something he should not do, a quick firm rebuttal is needed. 

If you are Consistent and the puppy knows he has done wrong, he will Respect you. So it doesn’t matter if you use a lease or treats or both, your pet must know where he stands in relation to the pack then training is usually a lot easier.

For all my training needs I use these courses and these stores and they are pretty good.

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