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                                                                                                                             Dog Whisperer

Dog Whispering is starting to become an exceptional way to train your beautiful but slightly uncontrollable pet

Whispering to animals started to become popular with the movie “The Horse Whisperer” and has quite recently become a way to train dogs.  

After the National Geographic Channel brought out the series about “Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer” from Mexico it became very popular. Cesar loves dogs and he knows what to do with them. He has had a lot of experience with animals, so he basically knows how to handle a dog. His way of controlling a dog is basically treating it as a dog and not as another person and using exercise to keep the dog under control. Here in America we have a obesity problem that is spilling over to our pets not getting enough exercise

Not getting enough exercise could be the root cause of a lot of dog problems. 

A lot of people get a dog so they have to do more exercise but the exercise bit wears off quite fast, and the lovely dog ends up on the end of the sofa watching TV. If your dog is tired then they cause less problems, so the exercise bit is very important for the dog’s health, and in a number of cases that is what is lacking. 

Also Cesar uses the dog’s temperament, so if the dog is timid he keeps her away from aggressive dogs and visa versa. Aggressive dogs seem to pick on timid dogs so Cesar keeps them apart. He is a great believer in the Alpha Dog and Cesar is the Alpha dog is his pack and you should be too, with your dog.

There is a lot more to training your pet but Cesar’s system is simply amazing. It is incredible to watch him and see the near instant change in the dog's behavior.

For videos and books about Dog Whispering check out here.









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