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                                                                                                                    deforestation and global warming

As global warming has infiltrated the minds of the people on the overpopulated plant they hear a lot about deforestation and global warming

What has deforestation got to do with global warming anyway? Well it seems to have quite a bit to do with global warming. Forests, jungles,

trees and green living leafy things absorb carbon dioxide therefore helping to reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, thus slowing down global warming

Anyway that is part of the great global warming controversy. 

But deforestation is to do with feeding the people on the overpopulated planet. They say very soon the mighty Amazon will soon be just a bookstore. The people are deforesting the mighty Amazon rainforest to plant soybeans to feed the growing masses in the only country that has population control. So there canít be much hope for the rest of the people on the overpopulated planet when the only country with any population sense has to import food to feed itself. 

Forests all over the overpopulated planet are being cut down or worst still, burnt to free up the land to grow food. 

And usually the food is not for the local people it is exported to any country that can afford to pay for it. After the forests have all been deforested weíll be in the same situation as the Easter Islanders were when they chopped down the last tree. 

They were a people on an overpopulated island and after they chopped down the last tree there was nowhere to go and their society collapsed. I hope the people on the overpopulated planet donít follow that route but it looks like we are. There is only one hope and that is peak oil gets here soon so it will sort out the planet. 

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