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                                                                                                                                                 Cuz dog toy

For some unknown reason most dogs fall in love with a Cuz dog toy

     The Cuz dog toy is an extremely popular dog toy and most dogs still love their Cuz even after they chew the feet off and the kill the squeaker. It doesn’t matter what size your dog is the Cuz comes in three sizes. The smallest is only 2.5 inches tall

while the largest stand at 5 inches, and the middle is 3.75 inches. So you can easily find one to suit your dog. The Cuz is a really unique little toy, a ball on two feet and the Bad Cuz has a couple of ears. 

And there are more Good Cuz, Dino Cuz   and few others. 

     They are hard rubber bouncy, squeaky walking balls and tough by nature. And the good part is they are reasonable cheap mainly because they are built to last. And since your dog will fall in love with the Cuz they won't destroy it, therefore it will last a long time. 

     Be warned if you are lucky the squeaker will be the first to go so you do not need to hide it so you can get some sleep. If your dog is a squeaker lover and loves to squeak, they will be disappointed as the squeaker is not built to last and in most cases dies early. 

     Another part to watch is the feet and the ears as they soon get chewed off. And if your dog eats anything you might find them missing and that is when the problems start. So if the feet look like they are going to get chewed off, it is probably safer if you cut them off.

Well! you will be amazed at how your dog, whether big or small, will take to the Cuz and you could have trouble parting them. 

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