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                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Future   

One of the Reasons China Will be the Next Superpower

As We Are Doing All The Wrong Things

    Lately there has been some serious problems with flash mobs in America and the riots in England. I’m sorry but that is the future. It is a combination of unrelenting population growth in most of the world, democracy and religion. When you look at China they just don’t fit into that mould, they have had the "One

Child Policy” for 25 to 30 years. 
And now they don’t have problems with teenage rampages. And the reason they can have a "One Child Policy" is because they don’t have religion affecting politics and they are not a democracy.

     I don’t know what their political system is, but it could be the political system of the future, as it seems to be turning China into the next superpower. I think China will be the next superpower because of the "One Child Policy" as that changes everything. In the rest of the world we could never implement a "One Child Policy" as it is against religion and in democratic societies nobody would vote for it.

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     There are a few negatives that keep popping up when anyone is discussing the "One Child Policy" and the number one negative is too many old people being looked after by too few young people. But so far in China they are coping very well and that is not really an issue. It has spawned a new industry and now taking care of old people is a growing industry. I haven’t heard of any old people’s homes but I’m sure they are out there if you are looking for somewhere to put the grandparents. Usually you just hire someone from the villages to live in your home and take care of your parents as they get older. 

     You can also hire somebody to look after your child. That system is a part of China and has become a major industry over the past years of the economic boom time, and is still going. Before the "One Child Policy" looking after the parents was usually left to the youngest daughter. Now in a lot of cases one parent will stay with the son or daughter to look after the grandchild. In Australia it used to be quite common for one of the parents to go to Australia from China just to look after the children. I think there was a special visa just for that.

     Now onto the advantages of the "One Child Policy". The number one benefit is education and that is it. China will have the most educated population on the planet if they haven’t already. If you are only allowed one child you will do you best to give that child the best education you can. And most parents in China are thinking the same way. Education is king. But the spin offs of the "One Child Policy" has turned most of China’s cities into the safest in the world. Therefore the cost of maintaining their cities is a lot less than in the rest of the world. There is no graffiti so you don’t have to pay anybody to clean it up. There are no drugs in school or in society for that matter. No street gangs, no street kids, no pregnant teenagers and very little vandalism and no drunken teenagers behind the wheel. Everything we take for granted is just not there. 

     But there are the unintended consequences to the "One Child Policy" that are not wanted and they are causing problems now and they could get worse in the future. The ratio of men to women is way out of proportion with as many as 20% more men looking for wives. I don’t think there has been anything on CCTV about this but I might have missed it. There are bound to be women stolen to be sold as wives. It is just something that will happen and it is most likely already happening. The movie "Blind Mountain" was about a student who was abducted and sold into a village as a wife. 

     I don’t like to say this but the power to have a son is incredibly strong in China especially in the countryside. And that leads to: how many girl babies were thrown away before they got a son. Now the parents are looking for a wife for their son so they can have a grandson. They could have caused the problem in the first place. But they just can’t see that. 

     Many years ago my friend in Hong Kong brought a baby girl from a hospital in Guangzhou and now that girl is an outstanding student at university. She was the top student at her high school before going to university. All this talent is just being thrown away. The baby-selling thing is still going on. There was something on CCTV last week about the police breaking up a baby-selling ring. Even though there are problems with the “One Child Policy” I still think it is very beneficial for the future of China. And I would say it is one of the driving forces behind China becoming the next superpower.

     Now onto the rest of the world where having children is a part of culture and religion. A few years ago I was watching a documentary about Egypt, I think it was from the “River and Life” series called “Nile” and they never mentioned anything to do with controlling the population. They were talking about farming the desert. And Egypt has got serious population problems. They have had a 100% population growth since the Aswan Dam was build in the 1960s and they are still doing nothing about it.

     It is written on some tombs when the Nile doesn’t flood there are famines and when there are famines people start eating their children. It is also written in the Bible. In the Book of Lamentations they are describing a famine and what happens when there is nothing to eat. And what most people just do not realize is ‘History Repeats Itself’. Now look at Egypt, it has had it's period of unrest that will be followed by more periods of unrest as population pressure raise it's ugly head again and again.

     Also in a program about the "Ganges" in India they were talking about the Himalayan glaciers melting in 20 years time but they never said anything about population. So they are dooming everybody born between now and then to a terrible life.

     So now population pressures are affecting the world and nobody is saying anything even though the numbers of people going to church has been declining steadily for the past 20 to 30 years. So we have to pay the price. And with population come population pressures and when the population is under pressure it doesn’t take much to light the fuse. As happened in London on the weekend. That is the start and this type of civil unrest will become more and more common as the world slides into recession. Also we have a severe famine in Somalia. As far as I can work out this is the first real serious famine since Bob Galdof and the Live Aid Concert for Ethiopia back in the 1970s. 

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