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The global warming world news on CNN has taken a nosedive since the financial crisis began

CNNs contribution to saving the world is not really their global world news but their documentary movie ‘Planet In Peril’. It is quite strange that now President Bush has joined the global warming is caused by human activities movement, most global warming commentators have given up

on global warming. Even the Bali Conference didn’t get the world news coverage it should have. But if President Bush was still saying there was no proof that global warming was caused by humans, then Bali would have been front page news. 

I still think it has something to do with the Bush - Gore relationship left over from the presidential election. 

Now that President Bush has agreed with Al Gore on the cause of global warming Al has nobody left to fight. Another strange thing is now that President Bush has changed sides a large number of scientists have gone to the other side and now say global warming is not caused by mankind. 

Anyway 'Planet In Peril' is not just a global warming video. 

It brings into focus a number of issues affecting the future of the planet and I think the problems are all caused by human population. We have just overpopulated the planet to such an extent that there is very little room left for other species. And the really sad thing is nobody is mentioning this little problem in the world news and nobody is doing anything about it. But the really, really sad thing is most people alive today will live long enough to see the consequences of too many people on the overpopulated planet. I am not really looking forward to the future but I have too.

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