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Antarctic global warming could cause a serious problem as the ice melts more

We have all seen the videos and pictures of the ice melting as global warming hits the Antarctic. And we have heard the sad stories of how the polar bear could become a casualty of global warming. Actually the ice melting in the Antarctic
could be the start of catastrophic change in the world.

A number of prominent scientists who seem to stay in the background on the global warming issue agree on this global warming ice age thing.

Even Al Gore in his video An Inconvenient Truth touched on the subject. The basic theory behind the global warming ice age is if too much ice melts it will change the composition of the seawater. This change in the seawater will cause the sea currents to reverse. At the moment the sea currents take warm water north therefore keeping the UK and Northern Europe warm in winter.

If the sea current stops or reverses the UK and Northern Europe will be thrown into a mini ice age.

If things do change, the change could be very rapid, like over a period of 10 years or so. Climate change can happen that quickly. So the Antarctic global warming is something to be concerned about. And we should keep an eye on it but we are powerless to stop it. It doesn’t matter what causes global warming, it is here and we have to live with it.

One part of the global warming mix that is the best kept secret on the overpopulated planet and is never mentioned in the news is the population. We should be trying to limit the number of children as they will have to live in a suspect world. The less children we have the easier they are to look after when global warming kicks in with a vengeance.

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