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                                                                                                                                                             against global warming

When global warming was the in thing there were many people marching against global warming

It doesnít matter how much scientific evidence there is there will always be skeptics who are against global warming. But in this global warming fiasco no one can seem to agree on what really causes global warming. Resulting in many skeptics and many people on the overpopulated planet
who donít know whether they are against global warming or they are just trying to save the polar bears

If the people on the overpopulated planet are trying to save the planet then they should think about controlling the population and that would give the other species more breathing space. But they donít, they just march against global warming and blame the multinational companies for globalization. 

What they donít realize is globalization is dying, itís going the way of the dinosaur. 

I will see the end of globalization and factory farming. They need energy and lots of it to survive and the world is running out of cheap energy so globalization and factory farming will go extinct before the polar bears. So why march against global warming when it might bring an end to globalization, factory farming and hopefully the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our planet is at a crossroad and it is due to overpopulation not global warming or peak oil or peak soil but peak population

In the planetís history many societies have collapsed but the next collapse could be a world collapse not just an isolated society. And the collapse will be due to overpopulation not global warming or any of the other threats to the planet, so why march against global warming

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