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If you want to save a dog’s life then Adopt A Dog from the shelter or rescue center

     I don’t know how many dogs and cats are put down each month but it is considerable. If they could ban puppy mills and puppies for sale at pet shops that would be a start. There are just too many pets and not enough people who want them.

We always get dogs from the shelter. 

     The first dog my mother got many years ago was from the shelter and it was beautifully well trained. We had absolutely no problem with her, never bit anybody but she did get carsick so we couldn’t take her anywhere. She lived to a ripe old age, even the vet was amazed at how long she lived. 

     Dogs from the rescue centers are usually all spayed or neutered so that is a big weight off your mind. I actually think the dogs know and they appreciate you for picking them, especially older dogs. You can see it in their eyes when they look at you. All the dogs we got from the shelters were the same, they were all trained and so polite. 

     We have only had problems with one dog from a shelter. My brother had one that was a problem and had to be put down, but all the rest were good. I think that one was too young, as we usually pick older dog

     Anyway if you are after a dog I recommend the shelters and rescue centers. I would never buy a puppy from the pet shops because I believe they are adding to the problem.

     After you have adopted your latest addition to your family, they do cost money, you will need food and supplies and other things. I use these shops here, they are pretty good.

For more information have a look at our dog supplies page and check out.

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